Who is Sybil?

Well, I’m not the girl with 16 personalities, I can tell you that. (Ok, ok, maybe just a few…lol)

I’m Sybil, currently a travel enthusiast and mobilepreneur; however, my life didn’t start off that way…

It started with a dream of leaving the tiny town I grew up in to complete college, a first-generation university graduate in my family. But, with my neverending passion for reading, for learning, I couldn’t stop there with just my BBA + MBA. Once I graduated, personal development courses consumed me. In fact, although I always enjoyed traveling, it wasn’t my first priority in my early 20s…not what you might expect for a travelpreneur!

A six-figure job in Corporate America, and ongoing continuing education courses + licenses + certifications in my spare time, was how I lived for almost a decade.

But, it wasn’t a life. It wasn’t my life. I felt like a stranger, visiting someone else’s life.

Enough was enough! One evening on a rare vacation, a girls’ trip in the magical city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I said the final farewell to the person I had become (and my corporate career!). I vowed never to trade my time, energy, and life for anything less than what I love, what fulfills me, what gives me a sense of purpose.

And, with that, my travel life + business was born!

In two years, I have hosted 1500+ on 50 vacations around the world. I created a business that supports a lifestyle combining all of my passions in life… travel, knowledge, unique experiences, and meeting new people.

And now, after living this lifestyle and having so many others ask me how to do it themselves, it’s my mission to teach others to do the same!

➡ Stay tuned for my upcoming program! Whether you crave travel, more family time, or simply an out of the box (or cubicle!) career, I will show you a step-by-step system on how to design a mobile lifestyle that allows you to create the life you desire. Don’t want to wait? Send me an email at hello@sybilcopeland.com and let’s talk!

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Quote by Agustin of Hippo