Blog Post Cruise Confidential What you need to know before you start packing

I went on a cruise, yes again, in January. It was a Carnival Journey, 14-days on the Carnival Freedom for a partial transit of the Panama Canal and six ports. (I’ll admit, 14 days is wayyyyyy too long for me to be on a cruise ship!) But, it did give me lots of time to make some observations and put together a video.

No, I won’t be talking specifically about the actual cruise (but stay tuned, that video will be coming up!). Instead, I’ll tell you my top 10 things any cruiser needs to know before they pack for (or maybe even book!) their next cruise. And yes, some of these totally frustrate me (TIPS!), and you might just disagree… Watch the video and share your thoughts!

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As a sneak peek, the Panama Canal cruise from Galveston is a 14-day journey that includes a partial Panama Canal transit and ports at the following: Grand Cayman, Aruba, Curacao, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cozumel. Boy, oh boy, did I love several of these stops! (Subscribe to my channel to be notified of my Panama Canal video.)

Blog Post Cruise Confidential What you need to know before you start packing

Quick Tip: Click here for my #1 must-have for cruises!

Click play on the video below for my top 10 tips, must bring, don’t forget, and just don’t do! And, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for future travel videos. 😉

What’s your best cruise tip? Drop a comment below!

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