Traveling the world and exploring new places is a dream for many. Yet, time and money are frequently big obstacles. Becoming a flight attendant has allowed me flexibility in my schedule and amazing travel benefits to fulfill my desires for adventure while also providing a rewarding career choice!

In my new Flight Attendant Life Video Series, I discuss common questions about becoming a flight attendant and give you advice on everything from creating the perfect resume and getting the interview to what to expect on your first day and beyond. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my journey.

Need help with creating the perfect resume to get you the interview? You’ll want to CLICK HERE to check out this video!

You can never make a second first impression! So, it’s important you be prepared to wow from the very start. You must understand what’s expected of a Flight Attendant and explain how you qualify for the job to be successful in your interview.

I’ve been through the Flight Attendant interview process recently and I want to share my experiences and insights with you! Click play on the video below for my recommendations on preparing for your Flight Attendant Interview! And, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for future travel and Flight Attendant Life videos. 😉

What’s your favorite interview question? Drop it in the comments below!

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